Thursday, 6 February 2014

Do you know few useful facts of Rubber Seed?

            In the month from August to September, rubber seeds seem to be abundant here and there in the area of rubber plantations this is plainly because Tripura is the second highest in terms area and production of natural rubber in the country. 
            In Tripura, very few, precisely very few people know about the usefulness of rubber seeds that is other than making use of rubber seeds in rubber seedling nursery.
            Let us know few unknown facts about the rubber seeds.
Ø      Commercial exploitation attempt of rubber seed was made by KVIC.
Ø      2(two) major products processed from rubber seeds are  oil & seed cake
Ø      Rubber Seed weight ranges from 3 to 5 gms
Ø      Rubber seed contains 40% kernel, 35% shell & 25% moisture
Ø      Oil content  of rubber seed: 35% to 38%
Ø      Cake recovery of rubber seeds: 57% to 62%
Ø      Seed production season starts from July to September
Ø      Seed collection is mostly unorganized sector
Ø      The reason are Low price of rubber seeds, no proper market avenue for rubber seeds
Ø      Fresh rubber seed contains more moisture so difficult to store without seed deterioration
Ø      Seed should be sun dried or kiln dried to reduce moisture content
Ø      Kernel extracted & properly dried can be stored up to 4 months
Ø      Seed production potential is up to 150 kg/ha of rubber plantation
Ø      Raw material of rubber seed is kernel
Ø      Shell after kernel extraction is good source of fuel
Ø      More than 65% raw material is consumed in the factories of Tamil Nadu
Ø      Oil is extracted through rotary machine
Ø      Molasses of 20-25 kg is used per 100 kg kernel during oil extraction
Ø      Oil is used in soap manufacturing
Ø      Oil is also used in paints manufacturing
Ø      Manufacturing of anti corrosive coating
Ø      Rubber Seed Cake is rich in protein
Ø      Rubber seed cake is mostly used for Cattle & Poultry feed
N:B: For practical reason, expert should be consulted.