Wednesday, 18 September 2013

SMS Service on Rate of Rubber Products Should Be Disseminated in Mass Level

               On the other day, a prominent rubber grower came to see me was seen checking SMS in his costly mobile handset. Of course, this is not worth mentioning someone checking SMS!
But, it was surprising to see him performing some mathematical functions like multiplication, division and deduction in his handset.
            On query, he responded that he was checking the rate of natural rubber latex in Kottayam market on that particular day and based on which ascertaining the rate in local condition.
He further stated that he is a subscriber of SMS service in the official website of Rubber Board of India.
It is stated that Rubber Board of India provides daily SMS alert to its paid subscriber members on the rate of natural rubber.
The board is said to be assisting the subscribers by providing daily rate of rubber product like dry rubber sheet or natural rubber latex in Kerala or Kottayam market in all marketing days.
He clarified that accessing of this service is very much necessary for getting the good market rate and, every grower should have the knowledge of standard market rate.
 The fact of the matter is; daily market index in Kerala is being followed as standard market rate so far as rubber growing states in India is concerned.
            It was actually interesting to see that here’s someone who is a keen observer on the movement of rubber rate in India and sale according to standard market rate.
The idea is; realizing the best market rate in accordance with the standard market rate in Kerala or Kottayam market.
             My further curiosity on the matter has obligated him to give me some more hints on the whole matter.
 I was actually interested to know the process of determining and converting the rate of natural rubber in national standard to the local condition.
That is to say that determining the rate of natural rubber latex in Tripura in conformity with the rate in Kerala on that particular day.
As a proof of this, he has just shown me the SMS that he received on that day.
What he shown me was the rate of natural rubber latex on that day as Latex (60% DRC) = 161.00 per kilogram.
This is stated to be the rate of 1(one) kilogram of natural rubber latex which has been centrifuged and whose DRC is set to 60% on that particular day.
            Latex (60% DRC) means, dry rubber content of 1(one) kilogram latex is 60%.
            That is, 1 Kilogram of latex is equivalent to 600 grams of dry matter or dry rubber content.
Of course, in normal course, DRC content of the latex is said to be within 25% to 35% or to a maximum of 40%.
Now, say for example if DRC of local latex is 30% that means 1(one) Kilogram of local latex is containing 300 grams of Dry rubber.
Now, if standard market rate for Latex-60 %( Latex containing 60% DRC) is 161.00 on that particular day then the rate of local latex containing 30% DRC will be as follows:-
         Total latex requirement to get 60% DRC, if DRC content of the Local Latex is 30%
=2Kgs local latex.
            That means, 2Kgs of local latex containing 30% DRC will be required to get 600 grams of dry rubber. Therefore, rate of 1 Kg of local latex containing 30% DRC will be as follows:
          Standard Rate of Latex-60%÷2
            That is, 161.00÷2
That means, rate of 1 Kg of local latex containing 30% DRC is 80.50.
            This is of course the example of latex rate, if grower prefers to sale latex instead of dry sheet then he is to get this rate in local condition.
            However, service also includes rate of dry rubber sheets of different grades which I have not discussed in this post.
It is really interesting service to the point of rubber growers’, especially for small and unorganized rubber growers.
This is because growers are really in need of good market rate for marketing of their product and maximum profit optimization. 
This is mainly because whatever the rate they get in local condition is quite low comparing to the national standard.
 What generally observed in local market is, there’s huge variation of rate between local and standard rate either for dry rubber sheet or latex.  It’s in fact far far below the standard market rate of Kerala.
Here one surprising point is; why rubber growers are not keeping themselves informed about the standard market rate of rubber?
 That too at the time where mobile phone has become normal gadget for all and accessing information is at ease.
It’s for the fact that SMS service that is being made available by the Rubber Board of India is still alien to most rubber growers.
 I have spoken to quite many rubber growers on the SMS service but most of them informed to be unknown of the service.
On the other hand, the service, I would say the valuable service of Rubber Board of India could have been in the public domain especially the rubber growers.
 It should actually be on the finger tips of all rubber growers looking to the use and knowledge of mobile phone by the public.
Here of course, the point I realized from the rubber grower is that good market rate can be possible when grower keep himself or herself informed and aware of the surroundings.
 Here, the grower has learnt the simple tactics of marketing which made him possible to get remunerative rate.
It is really, very good price, rubber grower is getting with only little alteration in the present way of marketing of his rubber product.
It may therefore be said that certain concerted efforts as mentioned below may bring positive changes in the mindset of the rubber growers’  of the state.
These efforts if   successfully realized then it will not only benefit the growers’ community but also the state’s economy:-
1.      A strong and agile Rubber Producer Society
2.      Awareness campaign for disseminating the new service for the benefit of rubber grower.
3.      Awareness for utilizing the information technology through group training.

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