Friday, 24 August 2012

Launch of TRIPURA RUBBER: An interactive blog on Rubber and Rubber resource of Tripura

Rubber Plantation
    Tripura is making a wave in the natural rubber production in the country. The state  is well placed in the field of natural rubber and its production. In all India level Tripura ranks second in terms of total natural rubber out put in the country. In fact rubber is becoming very important plantation crop  due to its popularity and acceptance by the people.However, there are issues with respect to this popular plantation crop and how it influences the growers of the state. These issues and achievements needs to be highlighted for the benefit of the growers as well as to the people who are directly or indirectly associated with the rubber resource of the state.
RUBBER LATEX     Keeping all this points in view, the Tripura rubber an interactive blog has just been launched with the objectives to discuss the issues of rubber and rubber resources of Tripura.
   The issues are as follows:-
        How rubber resource is created in the state?
        What is the resource position as on date?
        What is the problem that is faced by the rubber producers?
        What is the future prospect of rubber in Tripura?
     What is the scope for establishing rubber based industries in the state?
      What is the present rubber market condition and how it affects to the growers?
     These are the few lines that will be discussed in the TRIPURARUBBER blog, all are invited to participate and enrich the blog.